Kennel Registrations


A registered kennel name is a unique identifier that helps breeders distinguish and recognize the dogs they have bred. It is an essential aspect of dog breeding because it establishes a foundation within the breed. Breeders can create a recognizable brand by registering the kennel name and showcasing their commitment to ethical breeding practices. This also helps owners identify and trace the lineage of their new foxhound. In summary, having a registered kennel name is an essential part of responsible dog breeding that ensures the breed’s purity, identity, and legacy.

Kennel Registration form

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After downloading the form, please take the time to fill it out with accurate and up-to-date information. Provide your contact details, your hound’s name, and any other relevant information to help us identify your Foxhound. 

  1. You can directly type on the pdf if you wish. Then, save and upload the file.
  2. Alternatively, you can print the form, fill it out in black ink, and then take a photo of it. Please ensure that you keep your phone flat and the document square in the window while taking the photo.

After completing the form, attach only one file per item when you submit it, and it will automatically attach itself to this item in the cart.

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