Standard Foxhound Stud Book: The Foxhound Registry

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The Hunters Horn is the publication associated with the Standard Foxhound Stud Book. It serves as a comprehensive resource for foxhound enthusiasts, providing a wealth of information on pedigrees, stud dog advertisements, and news on foxhound events.

The Standard Foxhound Stud Book is not just any registry; it is the official registry for foxhounds. Its meticulous record-keeping ensures the preservation and accuracy of pedigrees, making it an invaluable tool for breeders, owners, and enthusiasts alike.

Within the pages of the Hunters Horn magazine, readers can delve into the fascinating world of foxhounds. Pedigrees, which trace the lineage and ancestry of individual foxhounds, are meticulously documented, allowing breeders to make informed decisions when selecting stud dogs for their breeding programs. Stud dog advertisements provide a platform for breeders to showcase their prized hounds, attracting potential mates and ensuring the continuation of desirable traits within the breed.

In addition to pedigrees and stud dog ads, the Hunters Horn also keeps readers up to date with the latest news on foxhound events. From field trials to hunt meets, this magazine is a hub of information for those who are passionate about foxhounds and the activities that revolve around them. Whether it’s a report on a successful hunt or an announcement of an upcoming event, the Hunters Horn ensures that foxhound enthusiasts are always in the know.

The Standard Foxhound Stud Book and the Hunters Horn magazine work hand in hand to provide a comprehensive resource for foxhound enthusiasts. Together, they form a vital link in the preservation and promotion of this beloved breed. With their dedication to accuracy, information, and community, they serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of the foxhound and the passion it inspires in its admirers.