Foxhound Registration


Now that you are a proud owner of a Foxhound, it is important to register your hound to ensure the bloodline purity. This number will be used in all events and breedings.

Make sure you have filled out  and submitted your form on this page before you hit the add to cart button

Foxhound Registration

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Register your Foxhound

Registering your Foxhound provides various benefits, including access to essential resources and events. To register your Foxhound, you need to download the registration form. The form contains vital details to help us identify your Foxhound and be used in all recordkeeping.

Fill out the Form

Once you have downloaded the registration form, carefully take the time to fill it out with accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure to provide your contact details, your hound’s name, age, and any other relevant information that will help us identify your Foxhound. You may type straight on the pdf to save and upload the file. Or you may print it,  complete the form in black ink, take a photo of it, keep your phone flat & document square in the window, and then upload that file.

After completing the form, when you submit it, it will attach itself to this item in the cart. Attach only 1 file per item.

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